About Us

The Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road Ltd.

Director of the Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road Ltd. Oleksandr Ryzhkov at a meeting with the Mayor of Zhoushan City.

Ukraine is an important country in the center of Europe, which is a corridor between the West and the East. It has significant capacities of industrial and agricultural production, as well as valuable scientific and industrial potential. Technical education received in Ukraine is highly valued and recognized throughout the world.

Formed as a result of the signing of a cooperation agreement between the city of Mykolaiv (Ukraine) and the city of Zhoushan (PRC), the Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road Ltd. was created for implementation in Ukraine of “New Silk Road” initiative, known as “One Belt, One Road”.

“We unite the potential of the largest scientific, educational and production capacities of Ukraine. Among our partners are such major institutions as the Academy of Sciences of the Shipbuilding of Ukraine, the International Academy of Marine Science, Technology and Innovation, the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding and many others. We have access to the majority of Ukrainian enterprises, which allows us to develop mutual cooperation as quickly as possible.”

Oleksandr Ryzhkov, Director of Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road, Ltd.

High-class staff of the Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road Ltd. is always ready to help you!

The Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road Ltd. performs three main activities:


We widely apply the latest achievements in the field of Distance Education, which allows our clients around the world to receive high-quality state standard qualification improvement diploma in technical, managerial and economic areas without the need to come to Ukraine.

Also we can help you or your children to apply for full-time education in any university in Ukraine.


Having partners in two powerful academies that unite leading scientists throughout Ukraine, we are able to provide scientific and technical services to most enterprises and institutions in China. We are ready to help you improve the existing production, or establish a new one.

We also have the opportunity to partner in joint research projects with China’s academic and research institutions.


Ukraine is a country with developed tourism, into which more than 20 million foreigners enter annually. The sphere of tourist interests in Ukraine includes both active types of recreation and sport tourism, such as climbing and skiing, and travel with cognitive purposes, where the object of knowledge is the rich archaeological and religious history of the country, its culture and nature. In particular, there are such UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral, as well as the medieval center of Lviv.

We are very happy to organize your unforgettable visit to Ukraine. Enjoying the unique nature and cordiality of Ukrainians, also you have the opportunity to take part in the seminar-training of your interests and receive the corresponding certificate.

Our motto:
“Better tomorrow we make today”

We are also open to other proposals for cooperation. In particular, we are ready to consider and provide maximum assistance in investment projects in Ukraine.

Sincerely, Director of the Ukraine-Chinese Center for Silk Road Ltd.,
Oleksandr Ryzhkov