In China, jointly with Ukraine the second wave of students was granted double diplomas


About 100 Chinese students graduating in June 2017 received diplomas, having completed their studies on a unique international program of double diplomas. Graduation ceremonies were held at the Zhejiang International Maritime College of (Zhoushan city), as well as at the Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (Zhenjiang city).

Thus, the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding together with his Chinese counterparts have developed unique curriculum of double diplomas, according to which the student has the opportunity to receive a diploma of his Chinese educational institution, as well as the diploma of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding.
Alexander Ryzhkov – associate professor, Ph.D, the head of the educational and scientific center of international cooperation of the NUS, a director of Ukraine-Chinese Center of Silk Road and one of the founders of the programs went to China to award diplomas from the NUS; he was accompanied by Rostislav Ryzhkov, Ph.D, the head of the Center for European Integration of NUS and a deputy director of UCCSR.
Also during the visits to Chinese institutions the prospects for improving curricula, the implementation of information and communication technologies for distance education, as well as the opening of new areas of study were discussed.
The Jiangsu government recognized the joint training program for JUST and NUS exemplary for the province, also the NUS was recognized as top one from the five most popular universities among Chinese students in Ukraine.

Traditionally, some of the graduates decided to continue their education, already on the territory of Ukraine. In their already native alma-mater – the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov.